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Silver Scurf

Silver scurf is a surface blemish caused by the fungus Helminthosporium solani

In addition to affecting the appearance of the tuber, the lesions on the tuber skin result in increased moisture loss in storage. 


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Potato Disease Quiz

The answers are in! For those attending the Idaho Potato Conference and participating in the Disease Quiz, see how you did!

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Silver Scurf Bulletins

Interested in more information on managing silver scurf?  Check out these links to some extension bulletins with the latest information. Information for managing silver scurf can be found in the following bulletins: Silver Scurf of Potatoes (University of Idaho...

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Managing Silver Scurf

How do you prevent your tubers from looking like the one in this photo? These suggestions were given at the Storage Workshop on Disease Control at the 2013 Idaho Potato Conference held in Pocatello, ID on January 23, 2013.  The attachment below provides...

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