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White Mold Management

White mold is caused by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum.

The fungus can survive for several years in the soil as hard black bodies called sclerotia.  This fungus can also infect dry beans, canola, and over 400 other plant species.  


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Common Pests of Potatoes

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Utah State University Vegetable IPM Winter Webinar Series (January 20, 2021). Nick Volesky and I talked about common insect and disease problems of potatoes. It wasn't possible to discuss all diseases, or spend a lot of...

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Potato Disease Quiz

The answers are in! For those attending the Idaho Potato Conference and participating in the Disease Quiz, see how you did!

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White Mold Management in Potato

Fungicide choice, application method, and timing of application are important in managing white mold of potato. Multiple fungicides are available for managing white mold in potato.  The attachments below discuss how fungicide selection, method of application, and...

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Effect of Protectant Fungicides on White Mold in Potato

The use of protectant fungicides can increase the incidence of white mold in potatoes. Protectant fungicides such as those containing chlorothalonil (e.g. Bravo) and mancozeb (e.g. Manzate) have the potential to increase white mold severity in potato if a fungicide...

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