New webinars are now available to help growers manage potato diseases.  These webinars are made available through Focus on Potato.

New Webinar Discusses the Importance of Statistics in Evaluating Plant Management Practices


Statistics are commonly used by researchers to determine if a particular management practice or product was effective. Practitioners often encounter this data in news coverage and marketing materials with sometimes little or no context to how these numbers were achieved or how they may relate to their production systems.

A new educational presentation from the Plant Management Network (PMN) provides an in-depth look at why statistics are important in agricultural research, how they are used to validate the performance of a product, and how growers can utilize data from well-designed research studies to improve their management practices.

The new webcast, entitled “’It’s Significant to Me!’ The Purpose of Using Statistics in Agricultural Research,” was developed for PMN’s Focus on Potato resource by Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Miller Research. The presentation helps growers, crop consultants, and extension agents:

  • Make sense of research data being used to market new products
  • Determine if research from small crop models may translate well to their fields
  • Properly interpret statistics to aid decision making
  • Understand how statistical significance values help researchers confirm that results observed in trials are directly attributable to the practices under examination

The 34-minute presentation will remain open access through May 31 in the Focus on Potato webcast resource.



New Webinar Helps Potato Growers Limit Pythium Leak Infections


Pythium leak is a tuber rotting pathogen found in soils throughout the world. A majority of commercial potato varieties are susceptible to the disease and, if not managed properly, can spread aggressively in storage and result in significant losses.


A new educational presentation from the Plant Management Network (PMN) entitled “Pythium Leak of Potato,” is now available in the Focus on Potato resource for growers, crop consultants, and extension agents.


The webcast, developed by Lyndon Porter, Research Plant Pathologist at the USDA-ARS Grain Legume and Physiology Work Station, includes information about the disease, how it spreads, and provides management practices that can help producers:

  • Identify infected potatoes in the field
  • Properly integrate chemical control measures
  • Reduce infections during harvest and transportation
  • Minimize the spread of the disease in storage

The 22-minute presentation will remain open access through May 31 in the Focus on Potato webcast resource.



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